How to Contribute to the UserDoc_Project

How to Use Fossil, Sphinx and restructured Text (reST) to add to this documentation

NOTE: Fossil is off-line atm @2017

Fossil is the Software Content Manager used in this project. Fossil is how you get the files and how the developers send files to the project

Fossil Quickstart Page:

Our Fossil server URL is

Anonymous access is enabled for cloning the project
user “anonymous”
password “anonymous”

Installing Fossil and obtaining the project files

  1. Install Fossil

    Use your Unix package manager

  2. Create a directory to hold the binary Sqlite project file. It might be called ~/projects/

  3. Clone the Fossil Repository. If you have a developer login, use it (with your password) instead of ‘anonymous’ below.

    fossil clone http://anonymous:anonymous@ ~/projects/mecrisp-doc.fossil

  4. Fire up a Fossil Webpage, not mandatory but very handy. The URL will be http://localhost:8080/home

    fossil ui ~/projects/mecrisp-doc.fossil

  5. Check Out A Local Tree (get access to all the files). First add a subdirectory to ~/projects/ let’s call it ‘mecrisp-stellaris-doc’ making the full path ‘~/projects/mecrisp-stellaris-doc/’. - cd ~/projects/mecrisp-stellaris-doc/ - fossil open ~/projects/mecrisp-stellaris.fossil

  6. You now have a complete clone of the Mecrisp_Stellaris_UserDoc_Project files

  7. You can update your rerpository to the latest changes on the master Repo with “fossil update”

  8. Developers can commit their changes back to the master with

    fossil commit -m “notes about your commit”


Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation, written by Georg Brandl and licensed under the BSD license.

Sphinx Homepage:

Using Sphinx

  1. cd into ~/projects/mecrisp-stellaris-doc/
  2. type “make html” this will create the project web pages
  3. view the html pages with your web-browser here /path/_build/html/index.html
  4. add, modify as required and repeat 2) - 3) above

restructured Text (reST)

restructured Text is the formatting language used by Sphinx. It’s easy and fast to use once you are familiar with it, so I recommend reading the Quick reStructuredText link below.

restructured Text (reST) homepage:
Quick reStructuredText: