What’s New ?

17 Sep 2017: Svd2forth-v1 uses a ARM CMSIS-SVD XML file, to produce a Mecrisp-Stellaris Memory Map and Register reference file for a STM32Fx MCU. Svd2forth-v1 creates bare bones, minimal files with no extra pretty Register printing Words like svd2forth-v2.

12 Sept 2017: Manfred Mahlow’s VOCS is included in the latest Mecrisp-Stellaris release.

09 Sept 2017: Analog To digital 19ch scanner. Version 2, is a ADC all channel scanner, no DMA, no interrupts, using only a spin delay to wait for the end of conversion sequence(s). It works by scanning each channel and pushing the results on the Stack. After a conversion sequence of 19 channels is finished, it pops the results off the stack, scales and displays them.

01 Sept 2017: Interactive Assembly Language

21 August 2017: How to clone a Mecrisp-Stellaris image from a existing STM32F MCU or Board

27 July 2017:Vocabularies , details and demo by Manfred Mahlow

22 July 2017: A EPUB ebook of this site, (generated automatically by Sphinx). File URL’s won’t resolve as it’s a ebook, but everything else should be ok.

22 July 2017: This example prints some GPIO Modes, i.e. IN, OUT, ANALOG etc, to demonstrate the versatility of <builds does>, often described as the ‘jewel of forth’.

15 July 2017: Benchmark your Forth MCU. Confirm that a standard STM32F051 is 6.7 times faster** than a Mega328 as used by Arduino, or 13.3 times faster when overclocked!

12 July 2017: Svd2forth-v2 updated (release-6ba968d6f6). In addition to Peripheral print Words, there are now individual Register print Words and Register BitField fetch Words.

04 July 2017: Push button switch debounce demo

02 July 2017: A new Svd2gas assembler version and the smallest Blinky binary file we can make, just 32 bytes.

16 June 2017: Mecrisp-Stellaris Interrupt mechanism documentation updated.

11 June 2017: svd2forth-v2 updated. Register ‘access type’ added to register prints.

June-2017: A video page, for interesting and informative videos about Mecrisp-Stellaris.

May-2017: Mecrisp-Stellaris comes with a set of Common Programs, this work in progress attempts to describe them.

May-2017: A Forth Development Environment

May-2017: Forth Development Tips

May-2017: Visualising The Forth Stack, or “The Stack is doing my head in !”

May-2017: A Forth loadmeter

May-2017: Kernel patches; modify the Mecrisp-Stellaris source, change the terminal USART, add hardware handshaking, simplify the Stack print word ”.s”

May-2017: A (small) library of development words

May-2017: Writing STM32 assembly? ... Svd2gas is designed to handle register names and memory mapping, to make your coding easier and less error prone

May-2017, Updated: hardware flow control for your serial terminal

April-2017: Seven blinkies; simple spinners, multi-tasking, interrupt driven and one assembly language Blinky. If you’d like to see another kind, just contact me

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